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Astrology trends for the week of November 21, 2016

by Ali


On Monday afternoon, the Sun enters Sagittarius, making the next month one that is focused on
adventure, independence, and abundance. This is a time period in which we are likely to feel we can take
on the world and come out the winner. Optimism abounds and our will is strong. This can mean we chafe
under constraints, and we are willing to fight to be the master of our own destiny. We have good foresight
under this influence, and once we set a course, we are very difficult to dissuade from it. Honesty is a
strong drive now, as well. This can get us into a bit of trouble, as we don’t always think out the
consequences of our brutal honesty, even though we generally mean no harm. This is a time period in
which our sense of generosity can be stirred, as well: We feel the drive to share the good fortune and
optimistic outlook we possess with others.

Tuesday brings Mercury in Sagittarius sextile to Jupiter Libra. This is an aspect that tends to promote
success. But it will take effort on your part. Jupiter in Libra stresses the importance of partnerships to
your success, and Mercury in Sagittarius puts the focus on your bright and enthusiastic way with words.
Thus, today is the day to be sure you are speaking to the right people, saying the right things, to highlight
your talents, to get where you want to be.

On Wednesday afternoon, Mercury and Saturn move into conjunction in Sagittarius. This is the one
time this year that these planets meet up. This aspect puts the focus on business communications, so don’t
be surprised if your boss or important team members need to have a serious discussion with you. This
conversation could be very important to your future goals, so don’t blow it off. Also, with this much
Sagittarius influence, you are likely to feel at your most outspoken. While I absolutely endorse the idea
that honesty is the best policy, you need to keep diplomacy in mind. Being blunt or brusque won’t help
your long term prospects. And, try to not take any critiques or criticisms as an attack on your abilities or
autonomy. This isn’t the time to be obstinate; keep your ears open and be ready to build on what you learn

Family holiday gatherings always run the risk of being difficult: Our expectations of storybook, magical
holiday moments can run head-on into the reality of family tensions, creating an uncomfortable, cold-war
battleground, or even ignite a few familial nuclear explosions. This Thursday’s Thanksgiving gathering
will be no different, when Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect brings with it the
likelihood of an overbearing, domineering person trying to bully or belittle those in today’s gathering. The
best policy, today, is to keep your expectations of holiday bliss low, or at least firmly based in reality, as
well as to make sure you politely bow out of any of the family politics. Keeping a firm hold of your tongue,
with your patience fully deployed, and knowing this is not the day for staging battles, may well see you in
one, unharmed piece, by day’s end.

Things continue to boil beneath the surface on Friday, when Venus and Pluto meet up, for the final time
this year, in Capricorn. This pairing could spell trouble for your heart or wallet, unless you are willing to
take a sober and honest look at the true state of affairs. With a careful evaluation of the facts, you will be
able to seize the opportunities that the situation offers you. Pluto is the planet of transformation, after all.
It may be time to put an end to some habits or patterns when it comes to romance or money. But these
endings are always, actually, the beginning of new growth, as long as you are willing to take an honest
look of what needs to change. Speaking of honesty, Venus will square Jupiter in Libra, later this morning.
Under this aspect, any affectation or insincerity will be discovered, causing you heartache. Trying to
butter another up with over-the-top flattery is likely to make you look mercenary or fake. Just be honest
about your feelings. Saying what you mean, without violins and flowers, will serve you best, today.
Mercury in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries on Saturday morning. This aspect encourages you to take
the risk to put your ideas into action, especially if you’ve been bored with the status quo. This aspect
rewards originality and invention. So it is time to walk your own unique path to success.

This opportunity for change is still brewing on Sunday morning, when the Scorpio Moon is sextile to
Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect promises the opportunity to change your life, as long as you are able to
control the strong emotions that the day may stir. Letting go of the safety of the tried-and-true can be
frightening, or even cause a feeling of loss. But, once you are willing to step away from the established way
of doing things, you are making way for wonderful new things to enter your life.

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