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Stone: Howlite

November 20, 2016

by Ali



What is it?
Howlite is a recently discovered borate mineral, only found for the first time in Nova Scotia in 1868,
though it has been found in other locations in North America since. It generally appears in massive to
nodule form, but tabular crystals of the mineral have been found. The stone generally appears as a white
opaque stone with grey veining. Howlite is a relatively soft stone, with a Mohs hardness rating of 3.5, and
lacks regular cleavage, making it an excellent medium for carved decorative items, beads, and cabochons.
Howlite is porous, accepting dyes easily. It is, therefore, often dyed to resemble turquoise, charoite, or
other pricier stones. Because of how often it is dyed and sold as a turquoise replacement, howlite is
sometime sold under the trade name “white turquoise,” though it is not at all related to turquoise

What can it do for you?
Howlite is best known for being a stone of awareness. It opens the mind to receive new information, and
is often used by those preparing for Reiki attunements for this purpose. Another of howlite’s enlightening
properties is to help us become of aware of deception and lies, including self-deception. It also helps
relieve stress, anxiety, and rage, allowing one to release these negative emotions to reach a state of
calmness and patience. It's gently grounding, but also help us open up to spiritual energies.

What can it teach us?
Howlite teaches us that our true value is not found in superficial appearances. Many people only see it as a
something to be dyed to stand in for another, more expensive stone. It is underappreciated in its natural
white color, but the metaphysical energies are very important and powerful. You can dye it blue or purple,
but howlite’s enlightening, calming, and grounding energies are not changed or diminished. Like howlite,
we can dress ourselves up or down, but it does not alter our inner character. Looking attractive is not the
same as being a person worthy of being in another’s life. Appearances change, important things like
strength of character and kindness do not.


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